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LeMieux Grooming Bag  – available in South Africa at Equestria.

A tough grooming carry-all that copes with all your kit. A strong, waterproof nylon outer means it's waterproof and wipe clean. The reinforced moulded base makes this grooming bag robust enough to put down anywhere, whether you're in the stable, on the yard or travelling. Numerous pockets and compartments organise all your gear, and it's super comfy to carry with a choice of grab handles or adjustable shoulder strap.

About the Brand:

The LeMieux brand stands as a beacon of excellence, showcasing unparalleled quality and expertise across a diverse array of equestrian offerings. From meticulously crafted saddle pads to finely tailored horse wear, innovative saddlery, and a curated selection of riding gear and accessories, their product line caters to every aspect of the equestrian world. With an unwavering dedication to innovation, LeMieux continuously introduces new additions and expands their range, even including delightful children's toys. Moreover, they steadfastly pursue the development of both core and seasonal collections, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive offering. Central to their design ethos is a profound commitment to meeting customer preferences, with a steadfast focus on safety, comfort, and impeccable style evident in every conscientiously crafted product.

Additionally, LeMieux demonstrates dedication to environmental issues, which can be seen by the various eco-friendly measures implemented. A few examples of these measures are: Firstly, they've revamped their shipping practices, moving away from plastic bags in favour of durable paper bags crafted from recyclable materials for the majority of orders. Secondly, efforts have been made to incorporate more recycled materials into the tape used for packaging. The end result is the use of a new tape containing 30% recycled materials. Thirdly, for business-to-business customer orders, LeMieux utilizes internally recycled Protega paper fill to stabilize and safeguard products within cardboard boxes. These conscientious initiatives underscore LeMieux's firm commitment to minimizing its environmental footprint and fostering positive contributions to the planet.

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